Saturday, 30 April 2016


hey loves, thought i'd make a new post for Miley's Keep It Bright outfits in 2016!

you can click the picture below to go check out the 2014/2015 outfit post:

so go check that out if you haven't!

first off, back in January, mega beaut Miley posted a selfie on instagram in the one-of-a-kind transparent raincoat i made for her:
then in March, she posted a selfie in her Good Vibes sweatshirt, which can be purchased by clicking here!

..and most recently, in April, Miley posted a video on her instagram and Facebook, of her doing yoga in the Keep It Bright One Love top !

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

..she then went on to wear it later that day too! out with Liam Hemsworth, out in Australia!

and then later on that night, shopping in it too!

head over to to shop these looks & others like them! :)

June 2016, and Miley stepped out in her Keep It Bright One Love sweatshirt in black! 

what a beautiful babe! you can get yours right now by clicking here! 

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This babe wearing her favourite KIB jacket again ! get your own at

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September 2016 & Miley's spotted wearing one of her favourite KIB denim jackets again!
get your own at

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At the end of September '16, Miley posted a selfie in the new Keep It Bright 'Stand Up' t-shirt, which definitely lets her wear her heart on her chest! you can get yours by clicking here, lots of other matching products available too! 

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October 2016 and Miley chose to wear her newest KIB denim jacket in her video about Happy Hippie Foundation for the #PowerOfWomen awards, where she won a lifetime achievement award! Miley looks just perfect in KIB denim jackets! I've added a few similar, one-of-a-kind pieces like this one (covered in positive vibes and messages!) to the Keep It Bright store, so grab one while you can!